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Infant to Kindergarten 2 | Perfect balance of experiences and education

“Our daughter was in DEL-Care from the age of six months all the way until she started primary one. As an expatriate family, new to Singapore at the time, we didn’t know what to expect, but Jeanette and her team are the ultimate professionals and always act in the best interests of the kids in their care.  

“DEL-Care provides a safe environment with a perfect balance of fun, strong values, discipline and quality education. After more than 5 years at DEL-Care, our daughter started primary one as a confident, balanced and happy child.

“I can confidently recommend DEL-Care to any parent.”

– Mr & Mrs A. Strydom 


Entered mid-way | Combination of love, food, care | Worry-free parents

“I sent my girl Kai Yi to Del-Care in 2008 and 2009. I had sent her to a few other child-care centres before I found Del-Care. Kai Yi liked to go to Del-Care. I believe her because Kai Yi is ernest and has not gotten to the stage where she fabricates the truth. As people say, “Kids do not tell lies”.

“Every morning she looked forward to going to Del-Care. Del-Care is a place with 101% of love, good and healthy food which are cooked in the centre, and a place where parents can be worry-free.

“You can tell by the kids’ happy face when you fetch them to go home. My girl liked their food so much that she ate lots and kept asking for more. They provide lots of food for them and never say no to kids when they ask for food outside of meal times whereas other centres rarely do that.

“I was so happy when Kai Yi was with Del-Care during those two years. I could go to work without any worry. There was one incident where Kai Yi fell down and her lower lip had to have a few stitches from the doctor. Del-Care took care of here and settled everything before I even picked her up at the end of the day.

“Del-Care is a loving place with good teachers, great cooks and a good principal – Miss Tan!

Thank you Del-Care!”

 – Ms J. Chan


Two children from infant care to childcare | Dedicated mentors, teachers, staff | Home-cooked meals, home-like environment

“Since early 2010, we have placed both our children under DEL-Care through its InfantCare and now, ChildCare programmes. Over the years, we are comforted by the fact that the children are well-taken care of at the centre which is staffed by enthusiastic and dedicated caregivers, mentors and teachers to nurture the children into independent and responsible young adults as they grow.

“There is a healthy balance of indoor classroom activities and enrichment classes, which are supplemented by a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as theatre performances and excursions to parks – this is truly an all-rounded childhood that we, as parents, certainly wish for in every child.

“In addition, we are particularly grateful for the daily dinner option offered by DEL-Care that helps mitigate the stress of having to provide healthy, home-cooked meals for the children as a result of our busy work schedules.”

– Mr & Mrs K.P. Chen


Twin girls | Life-long skills learnt | DEL-Care is like a second home

“Dear Ms Tan,

“I would like to thank you (i.e. Ms Tan, the principal) and all the teachers in DEL-Care for taking care of my twins from the years 2008 to 2012.

“When I walked through the doors, I knew this was the right place for my twins (they were 20 months old at the time).”I could tell how the children were respected, cared for and loved. The atmosphere and staff have always been kind, fun, loving, supportive and consistent. Under everyone’s care and guidance, my twins learned many lifelong skills that prepared them to continue and mature as they progressed in school.

My husband too could see the positive effects every day when we picked them up from the centre. They were always happy and always looking forward to go to school the next day.”Currently in Primary 2, we are still receiving requests from DEL-Care for the twins to visit the centre during the school holidays. You can see how much DEL-Care has given them.

Here is what Shanice and Shania says about the centre, “DEL-Care is like a second home to us. We miss our friends and those little ones from the baby class. We love the food, the fun, the outings, the lessons, the teachers, the kitchen aunties, the fresh food smells, and many, many more…”

“As you can see, the girls just can’t stop talking when they talk about DEL-Care. They are so expressive whenever we talk about this magic word, ‘DEL-Care'”.”Thank you and regards.”

– Mrs I. Wong

How may we help you?

Contact DEL-Care @ +65 6226 2556
We are at:
80 Anson Road #02-08
Fuji Xerox Building
Singapore 079907
MRT - Tanjong Pagar
We are a few blocks from 100 AM shopping mall

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